Core values

1. Different and high quality product

  • A quality product will survive and grow through the selection and rejection of customers
  • Differentiation of products brings new experiences, the most useful and handy for users
  • Quality and differentiated product makes a firm position in many of the same products.

2. Respect and develop human

  • People are the most valuable assets and the competitive strength of the business
  • All company members are respected and treated fairly
  • Each person is learning, personal development and be given opportunities for advancement.

3. Passionate, positive and responsible

  • Do works with love, mental focus, strength and ability
  • Be active at work, do not blame circumstances in trouble conditions, give solution by themselves or with support
  • Working with the highest sense of responsibility, not afraid of difficulties and risk. Do assigned tasks seriously whether they are big or small. Do better than normal with small and simple jobs; trying than usual with the large and complex jobs.

4. Honesty, sincerity and unity

  • Honesty in lifestyle, in job performance and report results
  • The company as a second family, people treat each other with care and sincerity
  • Unity, solidarity and mutual assistance is responsible.

5. Harmonization of work and life

  • Each member do its best to ensure the progress of the work, while ensuring a reasonable arrangement time for family and private life. Depending on the work’s situation and stage, an individual allocate time and plan accordingly.
  • Working environment is fun, friendly, encouraging sports activities, health care, both physically and mentally.

6. Learning, creativity and innovation

  • Never have a different outcome with the same thoughts and solution
  • Each individual self-improve expert knowledge and skills, be creative in thinking and doing, willing to change for improvement
  • Enterprise learns through failure and success in the past, be innovative in strategy and action, adapt to new conditions and circumstances, to be more and more developed.